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Jobs with Justice

Our Mission

ESSN Jobs with Justice has a 30 year history of advocating for workers in Lane County.  We bring together union and non-union workers, faith organizations, student groups and community organizations and activist to support the civil and economic rights of all working people - especially the right to a decent standard of living, the right to a stable job, and the right to organize. 

Eugene Payroll Tax

SAN is working on an amendment to the Eugene Charter that will require taxes on payrolls to be referred to voters. During a work session on June 10th, 2019 the City Council passed an ordnance to institute a Payroll Tax on workers and businesses in the City of Eugene. During this work session the counselors voted to not allow the citizens of Eugene to vote on this controversial tax.

ESSN Supports the peoples right to vote on and participate in their democracy and we endorse SAN's LetUsVoteEugene campaign.


Take Back Higher Ed

Take back Higher Ed, is a grassroots movement led by students, workers and educators, and community members and organizations to reverse the corporate takeover of of our public universities in Oregon. The first step in this movement is to change the make up of the Board of Trusties at our public university so they reflect the communities they operate in. 1/3 rd students, 1/3rd workers, 1/3rd community members.


The Oregon People's Rebate

ESSN Supports the Oregon Peoples Rebate which provides approximately $750 to e every Oregonian by increasing the corporate minimum tax the largest corporations to 2.5% on their income over $25 million. This will return approximately $3 billion to our local communities. This money will stimulate local economies, providing some relief to working families, create jobs and improve wages by helping small local business. Isn't ti time that we supported Main Street over Wall Street and made Corporations Like Amazon and Comcast pay their fair share.