ESSN has a 30 year history of advocating for workers. Our network consists of grassroots activist and organizations, faith groups, unions, and student organizations all working toward economic and social justice for all. 


If it is obvious to you that we can't rely on some politician to save us, if you're fed up with having to vote for the lesser of two evils it's time to join the real revolution.

We're done begging politicians to do the right thing, it's time for working class people to take back their power.


We do this through strategic community organizing, peoples initiatives, accountability campaigns, and by building coalition through solidarity actions and campaigns. 




ESSN has a 30 year history of organizing in our community to support workers, building solidarity with grassroots organization, student and faith groups and labor unions to build power and improve our community for all. 


We provide organizing 101 trainings for both labor and community organizing. If you are an activist who want to up your game and become an effective community organizer or a worker looking to organize your workplace we can help.

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The Caseworks Campaign seeks to improve the care provided to seniors both in long-term care settings and in independent living settings and to improve the wages and benefits for those who provide care.

We do this by bringing together those who receive care, their families, and those who provide care to advocate for improvements in the care industry and the state systems that support both those who need care and those who provide that care. 

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ESSN doesn't endorse candidates or political parties. We are the working class and we put our faith in the working class, in our ability to crate our own laws through the initiative process. 


It is time that We the People take back our democracy and we don't do that by electing another politician. In Oregon we have the Initiative Process. We can pass laws that benefit the working class.


We can 

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