ESSN has a 30 year history of advocating for workers. Our network consists of grassroots activist and organizations, faith groups, unions, and student organizations all working toward economic and social justice for all. 


If it is obvious to you that we can't rely on some politician to save us, if you're fed up with having to vote for the lesser of two evils it's time to join the real revolution.

We're done begging politicians to do the right thing, it's time for working class people to take back their power.


We do this through strategic community organizing, peoples initiatives, accountability campaigns, and by building coalition through solidarity actions and campaigns. 




The Oregon People’s Rebate is a proposed initiative petition for the November 2022 election that will REBATE about $750 to every Oregonian every year.


The rebate is funded by increasing the corporate minimum tax of the largest corporations on income over $25 million to 3%.


These are the same corporations that received trillions of dollars in COVID relief while working class people and small businesses have gotten table scraps.

It is time that companies like Walmart and Comcast quit stealing from the American Taxpayer, quit stealing from home owners, small business owners, and workers and started paying their fair share!

The Oregon Peoples Rebate is the first step in taking back our community, our state, our nation from the corporations that are stealing our future. 



The first 3 steps in any successful organizing campaign are


 Education & Inoculation


The corporate owned media spends billions convincing average working class people that all the problems we have are the fault of other working class people!

They keep us divided! White vs Black, Democrat vs Republican, Right vs Left, Liberal vs Conservative.

The AEIC use old school organizing techniques to activate common working folk, educate our communities on how they can mobilize for true change, and inoculate them against the propaganda and lies that keep them divided and oppressed.  

If you are a writer, an artist, an organizer, or an activist you are needed. 


Initiative Petition 2020-1 would require all payroll taxes to be approved by voters. Because of the COVID 19 Crisis we were unable to collect signatures to get this on the November.

The devastating economic effects of the COVID 19 crisis could last for years. We are looking at a serious loss of revenue and since local communities can't tax large multi-national corporations where will our cities and counties make up the short fall?


Drop another tax on workers and small business. Eugene has set the precedent and it's just a matter of time before we see more taxes on the payroll of workers.

Our Peoples Initiative doesn't ban payroll taxes, it simply requires that the City council put any payroll tax before the voters. 

It is even more imperative we get this initiative to the voters.