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30 years serving our community

The Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network was started n 1989, after community members turned out in solidarity over and eighteen month period to show support for 300 members of the Western Council of Industrial Workers who when on strike at Springfield's Morgan-Nicolai Door Factory. The Strike ended when the plant closed and shipped it's manufacturing overseas but the men and women who walked the picket line in solidarity day after day decided to form an organization that would stand up for workers and promote social justice in the form of decent jobs and living wages and good benefits. 

ESSN has always been there to provide support for workers, whether it's turning out our members and allies to rally for better wages and benefits, walking a picket line or promoting and educating the community on the benefits of unions. 

As a grass roots organization we do not suffer the constraints placed on many unions when it comes to direct action campaigns which allows us to bring community pressure to bear on employers who refuse to bargain in good faith. 


ESSN brings together labor unions, student groups, religious congregations, and community organizations to support the civil and economic rights of all working people – especially the right to a decent standard of living, the right to a stable job, and the right to organize.



We strive for a community where all people are treated with respect and dignity, a community that respects the rights of working men and women and where honest labor is rewarded with honest and equitable compensation



Corporate Corruption and greed is destroying our nation! The politicians increase taxes on homeowners, small business owners, and workers while giving large corporation like Amazon and Comcast a free ride It’s time we put aside our differences and focus on the true enemy, the corporate elites and corrupt politicians who use their money and power to wage a ware on common working class folk. There are only two sides, the Corporate Elites and we the people. Which side are you on!



The media tells us that we should be afraid of each other, that all our problems are the fault of one group or another. They pit the worker against the small business owner, the home owner against the renter, low wage workers against middle class workers. These divisions keep us all weak, they keep us from realizing our true power. The things that divide us are not as strong as the things that unite us.



Our bias weather implicit or unconscious not only affect our individual relationships and perceptions of others, but also influences or ability to build movements capable of combating the established power structures. Corporate Elites are waging a war against common working class folk and it doesn’t matter if you are on the right or the left they see us all as disposable. Only by checking our ism’s at the door and putting aside our bias will we be able to stand together and take back the future they have stolen.



Poor Strategy or no strategy can end a movement or a campaign before it even begins and when the stakes are survival bad strategy can be fatal. Corporate Think-tanks are being paid to develop strategies that keep us from organizing, from building our power, from challenging the power of the corporate elites. We believe the only way to combat these well developed and funded corporate strategies is to ensure that we incorporate solid strategic planning into our own organizing.



The larger your tool box the stronger and more versatile your organization or campaign will be. Often organizations focus on one tactic; non-violent direct action. Political engagement with politicians, utilizing the initiative process. Even more often groups will simply organize a rally or march in the hopes that it will draw attention to an issue. We believe that you need to utilize all of these tools and many others to achieve true and lasting victories.


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