Community Action Team

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Our Community Action Team (CAT) is a group of local activist and organizers dedicated to building collective power by organizing community members and workers through out Lane County. 


CAT members receive training in event, labor, and community organizing. They help to organize and participate in solidarity actions for network members and allies, building support for labor and community movements. They help workers to form organizing committees and unionize there work place. CAT members are the people most dedicated to crating real change and realize that change requires hard work and strategy. 

The CAT's general organizing meeting is held monthly via zoom. This is not an open meeting. To become a CAT member you must go thorough a vetting process. 

If you would like to join the CAT or would like to talk to the CAT about organizing your work place or forming a union email us at

Or Attend ESSN's Weekly Meeting 11:00 am every Saturday at Whirled Pies, 199 W 8th Ave. Eugene