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Agitation, Education, Inoculation Campaign
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The corporate media has done a masterful job of convincing working class folk that all their problems are the fault of other working class folk! They have convinced us to divide ourselves in to us vs. them, right vs. left, black vs. white, immigrant vs. citizen, liberal vs. conservative. But if we would just quit listining to the lies and pull back the curtin we would see that the real enemy are the greedy corporations that own our politicians and rob us blind.

The corporate propaganda machine is massive, backed by billions of corporate dollars, corrupt politicians, and corporate owned media. How do you fight against such a powerful and well funded enemy? 

The answer is simple, organize locally, one person at at time, one workplace at a time, one community at a time, and eventually we create a movement that will change the world.


The secret that the corporate elites don't want any of us to know is that the real power is people power! 


How do we build our power? Through old school organizing!


One tool are the organizing AEIOU's!


 AEIOU model of organizing is often used to organize work places but it is also an effective community organizing tool. So what does AEIOU mean? It is simple really. Agitate, Educate, Inoculate, Organize, Unionize (or pUsh).

ESSN's AEI Campaign focuses on the first three aspects of this model Agitate, Educate, & Inoculate. We fight back against the Corporate Propaganda Machine with Truth! We work to get that truth to the eyes and ears of the working class folk in our community! We use that truth to bring them together, break down the false labels that divide us, and mobilize them to take back their power. 

To conduct a successful AEI Campaign you need researchers, writers, artists, musicians, activist, and organizers all working to spread the truth of the working class using old school organizing techniques! 

You also need to take those old school organizing techniques and apply them using modern social media tools and electronic organizing platforms.

If you want to learn more about how you can help Agitate, Educate, and Inoculate working class communities email us at

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