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Take Action Now!!
Stop the Eugene Payroll tax!!!

On Wednesday, June 10th the Eugene City Council passed the Eugene Pay Roll Tax, which taxes the paychecks of workers in Eugene!


We feel this is a regressive tax that continues the trend in Oregon of shifting the tax burden more and more on to home owners, small local businesses, and workers while giving a free ride to the largest corporations.

We understand that we need more funding of essential services but we believe that a payroll tax sets a dangerous precedent and that Eugene voters have the right to decide how they want to fund these vital services.


We were very dismayed that the City Council voted down a motion to allow this very important issue to go before voters. To that end, ESSN is moving forward with referring The Payroll Tax to the Eugene voters.


We are working to get the paper work filed by close of business on Friday, and are looking for a venue for our Campaign Kick Off on Sunday. We only have 30 days to collect the 5394 signatures, our deadline is July 11th, we will not be able to get this done without help, if you would like to volunteer please email us at essn@solidaritynetwork.org or subscirbe to our email list below, you can also watch our Facebook Page for updates of when and where our kick off will be this weekend.