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Solidarity Rally

Support UO Students and Campus Labor as we Rally to Save the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) at the University of Oregon. 

Thursday, May 23rd

12:30 p.m. Rally

UofO, Ford Alumni Center, 1720 E. 13th Ave. Eugene

Tell the Board of Trustees: 


See the open letter from Naomi Klein to UO President Michael Schill:


Direct Action gets the goods!

ESSN has a long history of Non-violent Targeted Direct Action in support of economic and social justice in Lane County. As we the people find our selves more removed from the systems that govern our daily lives it becomes necessary for us to utilize every tool we can to take back the power of the people to ensure our rights and our communities are protected.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

— Sun Tzu


Every day workers in Lane County deal with particularly unjust situations at work. At ESSN we believe that all work has value and all workers deserve respect. If you are dealing with problems at work such as extremely low pay, wage theft, unsafe conditions, discrimination, or harassment we want to help. 

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Oregon's rental rates have increased dramatically over recent years, creating a true housing crisis for working class families, seniors on fixed incomes, and low wage workers. If you are dealing with skyrocketing rent, an eviction or an unscrupulous landlord or property management company we want to help. 

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Our governmental systems, even at the most local levels have been co-opted and corrupted by corporate special interests and our communities are suffering. We need to take back our local governments and create sustainable systems that will help our communities to weather the coming storms.  

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Community First Campaign 

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