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Lane County COVID19



COVID19 shutdowns are severely impacting our neighbors' ability to stay in their homes and meet basic needs. If there is ever a time to rise up together, it is now. Please donate what you can to keep our neighbors in their homes and food on their tables.

Solidarity Action Network is ESSN's sister 501c4 and like ESSN is an all-volunteer organization, meaning every dollar of this fund goes directly to your neighbors according to their expressed need. Together, we need to raise $5000 by April 10th. DONATE NOW. 

Below are some of their stories....

"I have had a lay off of my job. I am also a single mother of 5 kids. I want to make sure that they continue to have a roof over their heads. I am also very scared that when everything returns back to normal, all these suspended bills will be due all at once and with still possibly having no paycheck, we will be evicted due to not being able to catch up in time." -anonymous, Bethel neighbor

"I was laid off from my job (restaurant worker) because the shop closed due to COVID 19. This was my sole source of income and I'm running off of very, very limited savings (will last maybe 2 months if lucky) & food stamps. I've had trouble applying for unemployment benefits because the phone lines for the Employment Department in Oregon are all overloaded every time I call, and I need to file an interstate claim against California for benefits which can only be done by calling Oregon's E.D. So I'm stuck with zero income and rent/utilities/gas to pay." -anonymous, neighbor

"My partner is a self-employed construction contractor, and he had clients postpone projects, and one that was unable to pay for work he had already completed, so he can't pay his portion of the rent. He had applied for an SBA Disaster Relief Loan and unemployment, but we haven't received any response yet. We both live paycheck to paycheck. I'm able to work from home and cover groceries, most of the bills, and some rent solely because I recently received my tax return, but that is all but spent. Our children are both home with us, which makes getting all my work hours in difficult." -Michelle, Centennial neighbor

"Since I’m a single parent, head of household and disabled.. Shopping for basic needs, getting to and from places and caring for 10 beings falls solely on me. Four of us are immunocompromised, me being the worst. I have asthma, diabetes, and was in the process of testing for multiple sclerosis when the quarantine began. It is extremely important that I don’t venture out unless it’s for dire needs. It’s impossible ordering anything online when it’s an immediate need. TP, especially and most food. I am unable to stay with friends or family if I lose my housing, and I don’t qualify for any of the relief that’s currently being offered because I am unemployed (but can’t collect because I’ve been unemployed for five years while dealing with continued illness), have applied for disability but it takes years to get, and I don’t have anyone to ask to help me. It’s also important to know that I suffer from extreme anxiety and PTSD, and this has been debilitating far more than anything I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I’m just doing the best I can in this moment." -anonymous, neighbor

"Food banks are closed that I normally go to so my normal way of getting food is limited. Along with so many people buying up the cheaper foods in bulk/mass quantities I can't find anything to eat most of the time. I try to eat healthier than not but right now it's hard. I barely cover my rent and electric and if I'm sick or have any more hours cut at work I'll lose my place." -anonymous, Delta neighbor

"My family relocated here beginning of March and were staying in motel 6 when it got shut down. We are currently staying in -------- and costs more but is home for now! Weekly rent is $444.01. He started working at Grace Roofing and had been able to cover necessities but the last week and this week due to rain and people pulling from jobs they have not been able to work him. I just got a job at PA Distribution and I start on Monday but room rent is due Friday by 11am checkout. I get food stamps on Saturday so will have money to cover food to get me until I’m receiving checks, but room rent right now is not looking good! I have three kiddos, ages 9, 7, & a birthday boy turning 3 April 11th! Any help at all is greatly appreciated!! I’m only requesting the amount to cover $50 for hygiene products and one week room rent as I have no idea how much individual help there is and would like everyone in need to receive, but more would be welcomed and paid forward!! Thank you so much for helping when it’s needed the most!" -Sabrina Prater, Harlow neighbor 

"I have been cut down to two hours a week. Even with that, my income is 30-40% from tips and business is cut in half. I am getting half as much on my pay checks and a dismal amount of tips. I can't make rent this month. I don't know what to do."  -Midas, River Road neighbor



Jobs with Justice


The Eugene Payroll Tax

We Support The Solidarity Action Network's 

Initiative Petition 2020-1

Title: Amends Charter: Requires Voter Approval for Any City Payroll Tax.

Question: Shall Charter be amended to require voter approval for a payroll tax imposed by the City to be valid?

Proposed Charter Amendment: The Eugene Charter is amended by as follows: City taxes on payrolls are valid, only if the tax has been expressly approved by voters at a primary, general, or special election. Any payroll tax which has not been expressly approved by voters at such election is void 

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