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Our Campaign Kickoff has been postponed. To make the November ballot we have to start collecting signatures no latter than April 20th. Our 

Our campaign Kickoff is tentatively scheduled for April 3rd. 


The Solidarity Action Network believes that we have a right to vote on the issues that affect our live. The City Council Chose to not let the people vote on this issue. We believe that this type of action sets a dangerous precedent but we have recourse. We need 8000 signatures to get our initiative on the ballot. We are not taking a stand on weather we should have a payroll tax or not, we are simply saying we should have the right to vote on it. When our Initiative passes the City Council will have to send this tax to the voters and we will choose! 


Volunteers Needed

To get this done we need volunteers to collect signatures, we need donations as well. to support email or call (541) 600-5754. The campaign is meeting 11 am every Sunday at Whirled Pies, 199 West 8th Ave Eugene. 

Our Initiative

Proposed Title: Amends charter to; Void all city taxes on payrolls not approved by voters.


Proposed Charter Amendment: The Eugene Charter is amended by as follows: City taxes on payrolls are valid, only if the tax has been expressly approved by voters at a primary, general, or special election. Any payroll tax which has not been expressly approved by voters at such election is void

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