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The goal of our Peer Advocacy Program is to protect the rights, enhance the quality of life, and promote the dignity of all workers. 

Worker Advocates respond to a wide variety of concerns on the job site, including worker issues like wage theft, workers compensation, unsafe working conditions and harassment and discrimination in the work place. 

Housing Advocates deal with issues affecting the unhoused and the marginally housed such as evictions, maintenance issues, and discrimination. 

ESSN doesn't provide monetary support, we help our peers navigate the support systems that are available in our community, we organize workers, renters, and our neighbors to build power and work toward systems change. 


Peer Advocates bring different skills, abilities, strengths and experiences to the job of Peer Advocate. Some PA's are terrific organizers, who can turn workplace issues in to opportunities to mobilize and organize workers. Others are more comfortable working on safety or work place issues and are able to assist workers to navigate the support systems that are in place to assist them. 

If you need help with a workplace or housing issue you can contact us via phone or email for a screening. If you would like to learn more about our porgram and volunteer contact us and learn more. 


Phone: (541) 600-5745

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