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Letter to County Commissioners in support of AFSCME 2831

Lane County Commissioners,

I am a member of the Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network a grass roots organization that represents workers in Lane County. I have worked with many county workers over the course of this pandemic as they and our volunteer organizers have been on the front lines supporting senior's, the unhoused, people with disablists, and other vulnerable populations that we serve. Our community rely on our County workers and they have risen to the challenge during this unprecedented time. We know that a a study of comparable counties total compensation was done and reflects that a majority of AFSCME County workers are significantly below markers. We know that since bargaining bargain on March 18th the Lane County Management Bargaining Team only met with the union 6 times over the course of 150 days after cancelling multiple bargaining sessions and it is clear to me a concerned community member that the County's Management Bargaining team is dragging there feet and delaying which I feel as a community member is just plan wrong and disrespectful of both these workers and to me as a resident of lane county who wants these workers out doing their good works not stuck at a bargaining table with management who would prefer to play games than do their job and bargain a fair contract. Again I am not a member of AFSCME 2831 I am a retired veteran, a volunteer community organizer, and a strong supporter of working class folk in our community. I have taken a look at what they are asking for and personally I feel they deserve more, so I expect better from our County Leadership and I expect you will get of your backsides and provide these workers with a fair contract now!

Lonnie Douglas

Community Organizer

Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network

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