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Tax Cuts for Corporation and the Rich always equal tax increases for the middle and working class!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

We all know that the military, police, and fire departments all cost the taxpayer money. Roads, schools, and courts all cost taxpayer money! Medicare, Medicaid, and social security all cost the taxpayer money. Working class folk understand that taxes are necessary to keep our society running and most working class folk are, if not happy at least willing to pay their fair share to keep our nation strong.

Yet when I ask around I keep hearing from middle class and working class folk that our nation is in trouble. It doesn't matter if they're on the right or left, conservative or liberal, republican, democrat most seem to agree that our nation is in serious trouble.

Of course they don't always agree on what the most important problems are and they all have different ideas about who's to blame but there are some things that they do agree on and one of the biggest things is that when it comes to taxes the middle class and the working class are getting the shaft.

As I said it takes money to run a nation, but even though America is the most prosperous nation in history our government is going further and further in to debt and the middle and working class that built this nation is struggling, why?

The answer is simple, the richest corporations pay comparatively almost nothing in taxes, and the wealthy 1% are getting a free ride while while the middle and working class pay for everything including a welfare system for the largest corporations. Corporations like Comcast and GE pay little to nothing in taxes and often our politicians will pass laws allowing them to take the tax dollars from middle and working class families and give it as rebates to large multi-national corporations. Exon, Comcast, GE, Bank of America, these are the real Welfare Queens.

If you are a small business owner or a home owner you see your taxes go up every year while corrupt politicians give tax cuts to multi-national corporations. If you're middle class or working class your taxes go up every year while your wages stay the same or go down. When was the last time you got a raise that was equal to or greater than the cost of living?

The simple fact is that the less we tax the corporations and the wealthy 1% the more the government will tax the middle and working class.

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