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We the People

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Time and time again we place our hope in politicians that we believe will save us, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. Even the supposed peoples candidates like Bernie, Warren, or Ocasio-Cortez inevitably let us down. Why?

Because our system has been corrupted by corporate money and influence for so long that their is no fixing it with the status quo. for the middle and working class "Blue no matter Who" is a losing strategy that brings us worse and worse candidates.

Our democratic system many not have been perfect but it did build the strongest working middle class in the world, it allowed movements like the civil rights movement and the suffrage movement to succeed even though those in power wants to kill those movements.

American Democracy is about We the People, a Government of the People, By the People, For the People! It's hard and messy but it works, as long as Americans participate and vote their conscience not for a party.

But We the People have allowed the corporations, corrupt politicians, and corporate owned media to divides us. We have let things get away from us. We fell asleep at the wheel and now the truck is swerving off the road. We only have now, this moment to turn that wheel and pray we can keep from going over the cliff.

It is time we quit putting our hope in politicians! Quit wasting time, energy, and money on candidates who will continue the status quo or straight up sell us out. Its time we sent a message to the leadership of both parties, its time we let them know that we are done with their false promises and lies. It's time we quit focusing on trying to fix a corrupt systems from within, because that doesn't work.

We need to focus on local issues and fix our own communities. When enough cities, counties, and states have taking back their power, their government, their freedom then the federal government will have to follow.

How do we do that? We put aside the divisive labels. Right and Left, Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative because in the end all good people want the same basic things, freedom, prosperity, and a system that is fair and works for us all equally.

Once we put aside the labels and come together as Americans we take back our local government from the status quo, from the cancer that is the corporate system. We pass internists and laws that build up Main Street, we protect families, workers, and small business owners. We make the largest corporations pay their fair share and quit putting the tax burden on the home owner, small business owner, and the worker. We get our neighbors off the streets, we create good living wage jobs, we take control of our local government by ending state premonitions.

These and some many other things we can do! Their is still time but we have to quit bickering among ourselves, quit begging politicians to do the right thing, quit waiting for a hero. We the people are the hero's, we are the power, we are the change.

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