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Our Work

The Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network brings together labor unions, student groups, religious congregations, and grassroots community organizations, activist, and organizers to support the civil and economic rights of all working people – especially the right to a decent standard of living, the right to a stable job, and the right to organize


We use fundamental organizing principles (the A.E.I.O.U.'s of organizing) to create positive change with in our community. Our focus is on the kitchen table issues that most directly affect workers such as wages, housing, healthcare and the workers right to organize and collectedly bargain. We recognize that there are other social, environmental, and poetical issues that are important to workers beyond the kitchen table issues and that is why we promote solidarity through out our network of members, allies, and friends. 

Worker Justice Project

Organizing Committees

An Organizing Committee is  convened when workers request assistance with organizing a work place or creating/joining a union. These are closed committees consisting of an ESSN Organizing Advisor(s) and workers.

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Labor Action Committee

The Labor Action Committee provides support and community outreach for our local unions during the bargaining process. The LAC is also charged with increasing the visibility of labor and promoting unions and unionization in our local community. 

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Community Justice Project


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Oregon Resident Council Alliance

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Eugene Jail Support

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Lane County Alternative Media Guild

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Housing Justice Project

Resident Owned Community Working Group

Works with allies to promotes and organizes tenants in various settings to form Resident Owned Community or housing cooperatives. they focused on mobile home parks, apartments, independent living communities, and other settings.

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Solidarity Projects

Political Action Team

Divest Oregon (c)

LCLC Social Justice Caucus

Organizing Strategies










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