The Solidarity Action Network is a companion 501(c)(4) organization to the Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network that puts new tools in the hands of the grassroots leaders and activists. SAN is non-partisan and focuses on the kitchen table issues that affect working class folk in every community throughout Oregon! 


The new Solidarity Action Network strengthens the fight for economic justice for all Oregonians by expanding our tool box to include:

Education and Mobilization

 SAN allows us to organize immediate and public actions by voters in response to the actions of their elected officials. When voters know what their representatives are doing, they can respond in real-time to reward good leadership and public service, and challenge politics over good policy.

Ballot initiatives

We have learned that can’t count on politicians to make the changes Oregon's economy needs. ESSN has a strategy to expand the power of working class people throughout Oregon by suing the power of the initiative process and empower voters to directly address the issues that impact their families.


Eugene Payroll Tax

The Eugene City Council voted to implement a payroll tax on the workers of Eugene they then voted to not allow the people of Eugene to vote on this issue. We believe that is wrong. That is why we are working on an initiative to refer this tax to the people.

Oregon Peoples Rebate

OPR is an economic stimulus for our local economies and small business. It will provide a $750 rebate to every Oregonian by increasing the corporate minimum tax on large corporations like Comcast and Amazon to 2.5% on their income over $25 million

Reclaim UO

Take back Higher Ed, is a grassroots movement led by students, workers and educators, and community members and organizations to reverse the corporate takeover of of our public universities in Oregon. The first step in this movement is to change the make up of the Board of Trusties at our public university so they reflect the communities they operate in. 1/3 rd students, 1/3rd workers, 1/3rd community members

Commitees & Working Groups

Accountability Working Group

The Accountability Working Group is a tasked with monitoring Local, County, and State politics, providing reports to ESSN/SAN Leadership and watchdog our elected officials and local government organizations. Join us 11am Sunday mornings at Whirled Pies, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene and help us advocated for a government that works for all the people not just a small group of political insiders. 


(541) 600-5754

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